Oldschool ambient trance... and why not?

2013-05-10 by The Double K


DiY - Strictly 4 GrooversI’m very much enjoying this right now so thought I’d share, it’s been a while I know. From when trance was still good, this track comes from 1993’s Strictly 4 Groovers, an LP from rave favourites the legendary DiY soundsystem crew.

It’s a slow builder, starting off with some trancey arpeggiated synths, the lush bassline comes in after a minute or so, the spacey atmosphere grows with hints of cymbal until the beat finally arrives three minutes in. even then it’s another minute until the handclaps (my favourite) hit and we’re into full-on gorgeous ambient trance.

Try it, you just might like it.

And if you’re unfamiliar with DiY then there are worse places you could start than the seminal DiY Jack set from 1992’s Castlemoreton festival – check the link below to download the whole set.

Download MP3 (9:46min / 16MB)

A new mix

2012-06-16 by The Mighty Alboy

It’s pretty scrappy here and there, but I finally got the mixer fixed- and uploaded a 2 hour set to soundcloud

Alboy's Best of 2011: #1

2012-05-09 by The Mighty Alboy

Blawan – “Getting Me Down”


This track is easily the stand-out floor-killer from 2011. I first heard it on Blawan’s mix on FACT magazine- which is a superb and often absurdly deep acid/house workout, linked below- and when this track drops at 26’55” it completely blows up!

Love everything about this track- the grinding muted bass growl, the plucky percussion, and the completely mutated mashing of the original Brandy vocal- even that it was only available as a limited pressing single sided 12” (and I’ve got one!)

Like any self-respecting Yorkshireman Blawan is no one trick pony and isnt tied down to any one style- his releases on Hessle Audio and good old R&S records mark Jamie Roberts out as a man to watch (or listen to, anyway).

Awesome stuff, and no other tune came close to topping it in 2011.

and just for jolly, here’s the original track:

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Alboy's Best of 2011: #6

2012-03-27 by The Mighty Alboy

Addison Groove – footcrab

Ok- so back to 2010 (even late 2009) for this release, but being as I dont get out too often these days, it didnt reach me until 2011.

Tony Williams- aka Headhunter and Addison Groove- making a massive contribution to the “post-dubstep” ouevre by taking on the influence of Chicago Juke to create this massive snapping killer tune about crabs that like to nip your toes, and make you dance like this:

Beautiful 808 drums, chic samples and layering make this tune simultaneously a deep, soulful groove and a hyped, pounding, jump-up hype anthem.

My second slab of vinyl of the year…

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Alboy's Best of 2011: #7

2012-03-26 by The Mighty Alboy

Joy O- “Sicko Cell”

Aha! finally a tune actually released in 2011!
And this was the first track that made me go out to a record shop, seek out and buy an actual freshly minted slab of vinyl. A very nice slab of 180g vinyl it is too.

Awesome tune from Ray Keith’s nephew David O’Grady- formerly and amusingly known as Joy Orbison, now simply Joy O.

Following in the tradition of a long line of tunes about over-indulgence, for which I have always had a soft spot.

Other greats include:

4Hero’s Mr Kirk’s Nightmare

Reprised on Acen’s close your eyes

Adonis Too far gone

Any others????

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Alboy's Best of 2011: #8

2012-03-22 by The Mighty Alboy

Ramadanman- “work them”

So these are the best tunes that I didnt post in 2011. I think pretty much everyone else posted this one (probably in 2010 when it came out), but just for completeness and in case you missed it- a nice bit of “post dub step” goodness from Ramadanman (excellent name!) aka Pearson Sound aka David Kennedy.

Having been for me- as well as every other 30yo+ was-there-back-in-the-day-and-everything-was-better-then commentator- generally (with a few exceptions) dubstep is an undeniably deep, but otherwise poe-faced and joyless genre. 2011 was the year that dubstep- or post dubstep or whatever- thanks to labels like Swamp 81 and Hessle Audio started to become fun, and even fun-ky.

I’ll bang up a couple of others that fall in this category.

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Alboy's Best of 2011: #10

2012-03-20 by The Mighty Alboy

soz adams- “eyes forlon (original mix)”

Ok- so the first thing to clarify is that this top ten is not necessarily of tunes released in 2011, but of tunes that I first heard in 2011. In some cases, demonstrating quite how out of touch I am, and also my more solipsistic tendencies, but those are the rules.

Which is as well, else I wouldnt be able to start with this- from June 2007.

I know next to nothing about it, except that it’s minimal, bleepy, weird, almost not music, and I like it.

And that’s what matters, really- it is my top ten, after all…

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Nexus 21 - Real Love(Obsession) [1990]

2011-12-22 by T Pot

Just digging through my old CDs. Found this old one from Network Records 1990. ‘Real Love’ by Nexus 21.

Quite a nice old skool cut. Nice strings.

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Really creepy electro

2011-08-31 by The Mighty Alboy

Instra:mental – “Voyeur”

Been out a while but only just crossed my ears- and shortly after my turntables. This is an understated, sinister, belter of a tune.

The duo behind it- Alex Green and Damon Kirkham- have been producing quality electronic music for a good long while now, and have a bunch of strings to their musical bows, releasing electro, acid, dnb and non-classifiable things that get filed under “post dubstep” (whatever that is) going by a variety of pseudonyms and project names, including Boddika (Al Green), Jon Convex (D Kirkham).

It’s all well worth checking out, but this tune stands out cos it’s so thoroughly moody and not a little creepy.

Download MP3 (0:00min / 0MB)

I Was Trapped In The Darkness For A Long Time...

2011-07-05 by The Double K

Bam BamThen There Was Light!

A quick heads-up about this new track from (acid) house legend Chris Westbrook AKA Bam Bam – grab the download from Soundcloud ASAP as it’s only free for 2 weeks then it goes for sale online.

It’s a top tune, a massive summertime house banger with some fat warm bass, monster acid squidge (something that’s far too rare these days) and vocals that I can’t help thinking are a cheeky nod to Lil’ Louis’ classic Blackout.

Bam Bam is responsible for some all-time classic tracks including “Give It To Me” and the mildly terrifying “Where’s Your Child”. In addition his Westbrook Records label brought us Mike Dunn’s Magic Feet and Armando’s Land Of Confusion, arguably two of the best and most influential acid tracks of all time.

To be honest I’m not really up to speed with his more recent work but going on the quality of this track I’m off now to correct this.

So grab this while you can, or if you’re already too late for the download have a listen here and then go find somewhere to buy it!

———UPDATE 14th JULY———
Chris has upped some of the tracks I mentioned to Soundcloud – go check them out!
Bam BamGive It To Me
Bam BamWhere’s Your Child
ArmandoLand Of Confusion

Then there was light ! “BAMBAM” New Release DJ demo download by Westbrook Records