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2008-03-28 by Kevvy K

David JosephYou Can’t Hide Your Love From Me

We’re pretty spoilt for musical choice here in London town, which goes someway to make up for the fact that it’s the second most expensive city in the world (after Tokyo), the sometimes surliness of it’s inhabitants, and the oft drizzliness of the weather.

If I wasn’t going to the Horse Meat knees-up on Saturday, I would have loved to go check out Greg Wilson and Bill Brewster (DJ History Forum honcho and author of Last Night A DJ Saved MY Life) playing at Plan B in Brixton.

Greg Wilson we have enthused about enough times already on these pages, but there is exciting news to report in that his edit of Adriano Celantano’s “proto-Balearic Minimal Hip House” anthem, Prisencolinensinainciusol (which I posted a month ago) is coming out in the shops this weekend, with an edit of Boz Scaggs’ Lowdown on the flip, whihc I think Mr P Rice posted even further back.

To launch this new series, edits don Greg Wilson extends a somewhat forgotten Italian cult club classic with a mad as toast title, which was originally issued a decade before the term Italo Disco was coined. ‘Prisencolinensinainciusol’ by Adriano Celentano, with its relentless rhythm and horns, has been described as a rap release before there was such a genre. This glorious oddity found favour both on UK dancefloors and throughout Europe, following its release in 1973.

On the flip side of the 12” is another 70’s single, this time not so obscure. ‘Blue Eyed Boz’ sees Wilson extend Boz Scaggs’ super slick slice of smooth Soul sophistication by an extra two and a half minutes to provide the 12” version that never was – the record only being issued on 7” back in 1976 (becoming a huge hit in the process). As with all the Ruff Edits, this is something Wilson first put together for his own personal use, but would now like to share with the wider DJ community.”

And another bit of recently revealed Greg Wilson-related history, was this Youtube footage of himself being the first ever person to mix live on national TV, way back in 1983 on The Tube! Leaving aside the issue of the Keeganesquely permed hair, Greg displays the sorts of DJing techniques that one might not have expected to see/hear in this country for a good number of years afterwards, and is another little snippet of evidence for filling in the musical missing links of the pre-house early-80s.

The track he cuts up is great too.. provided here for your aural pleasuring, and in case anyone fancies trying to recreate the mad skills in the safety of their own living rooms. You can still buy the 12” from Phonica here.

You can also read about Greg’s recollection of the event on his excellent Electro Funk Roots website here.

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