Bassline like it's 1993 [1]

2011-02-02 by The Double K


Nightstalker is taken from Skanna’s well-named The Future EP on the awesome Whitehouse Records. I say well-named because the sounds of the forward-thinking hardcore you find on there wouldn’t be amiss on much later records. In fact the bleeps on here really remind me of the hook in DJ Mujava’s Township Funk that devastated dancefloors just a couple of years ago.

But anyway, these postings are mainly about the BASS, which in this track is a huge, warm and deep Reese-style bassline. The Reese bassline originated in the track Just Want Another Chance by Reese (aka Kevin Saunderson), but was later used on a plethora of jungle tracks due to it being absolutely killer… far too good not to use over and over again!

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  1. jo says (on Feb 28, 2011 @ 05:18 AM):

    Just what i needed…totally smoothed out my rotten mood!! thanks!!

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