I Was Trapped In The Darkness For A Long Time...

2011-07-05 by The Double K

Bam BamThen There Was Light!

A quick heads-up about this new track from (acid) house legend Chris Westbrook AKA Bam Bam – grab the download from Soundcloud ASAP as it’s only free for 2 weeks then it goes for sale online.

It’s a top tune, a massive summertime house banger with some fat warm bass, monster acid squidge (something that’s far too rare these days) and vocals that I can’t help thinking are a cheeky nod to Lil’ Louis’ classic Blackout.

Bam Bam is responsible for some all-time classic tracks including “Give It To Me” and the mildly terrifying “Where’s Your Child”. In addition his Westbrook Records label brought us Mike Dunn’s Magic Feet and Armando’s Land Of Confusion, arguably two of the best and most influential acid tracks of all time.

To be honest I’m not really up to speed with his more recent work but going on the quality of this track I’m off now to correct this.

So grab this while you can, or if you’re already too late for the download have a listen here and then go find somewhere to buy it!

———UPDATE 14th JULY———
Chris has upped some of the tracks I mentioned to Soundcloud – go check them out!
Bam BamGive It To Me
Bam BamWhere’s Your Child
ArmandoLand Of Confusion

Then there was light ! “BAMBAM” New Release DJ demo download by Westbrook Records

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