It's lonely outer space... on such a tiiiiimeless flight

2014-01-09 by Hal Berstram

As Lonely As Dave BowmanPOD Four

A trip into space ambience now, with possibly one of the best band titles ever – “As Lonely As Dave Bowman” (Dave Bowman being the guy who goes through the stargate and into the then-revolutionary ‘slit-scan’ animation sequence in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey.)

According to Discogs this appears to be not actually a band at all, but one guy, Sam Rosenthal, who has also released as Projekt Electronic Amerika and under his own name (including many cassette-only releases in the 1980s).

ALADB has only one release to date – POD, a US-only CD in 2007. All five tracks are a fairly similar menu of glacial ambience – very much recalling the end of the stargate sequence where Bowman’s ‘pod’ is drifting through a vista of false-colour imaged mountains, lakes etc. Absolutely brilliant if you like this sort of thing – which I do.

This may be a tough CD to get hold of – the mp3s were available to purchase on emusic at one time but are no longer there as far as I can see. There do seem to be some available 2nd hand on Discogs so your luck might be in if you want to purchase what is a somewhat neglected ambient gem IMHO.

Download MP3 (7:10min / 9MB)

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