Prince Week (1)

2006-05-25 by Kevvy K

Vanity 6Vanity 6 – Nasty Girl

For the next week, myself and Tommy Squeaker (and anyone else should they care to join us) will be celebrating our love of all (most) things Prince related with a series of edits, covers, rarities, favourites and tracks by his proteges (like this one). Please feel free to send us anything you think should be included, or to share with us your favourite Prince moments or memories.

This was the second single for purple proteges Vanity 6, a trio which included his high-school girlfriend Susan Moonsie, his wardrobe mistress Brenda Bennett, and his then current flame Denise Matthews. Its a corker of a tune, but I am a little bit suspicious as to Prince manufacturing thier sexuality in a way that demeans women through objectification or if it makes a difference how complicit the women were in this process. He originally wanted them to be called “Hookers”, while the 6 in the group title refers to the number of breasts they had between them. Oh, and the song is all about enjoying anonymous sex on limousine floors etc etc.

Denise Matthews, renamed Vanity, was supposed to star opposite Prince in Purple Rain, but blew it off for bigger things, which included making B-Movies with Gene Simmons before finding God in the nineties and renouncing her Vanity persona.

Expect more from Prince Proteges later on in the week.

Finally, for all the Detroit-heads out there, Chantilly Bass has posted a week’s worth of classic Detroit numbers in the run up to the DEMF this weekend. Go fetch.

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  1. Tommy Squeaker says (on May 25, 2006 @ 05:39 PM):

    God, I love this tune- dodgy sentiments aside ("i want seven inches or more"). More from the artist formerly known as the artist formerly known as prince tomorrow…

  2. Mightybites says (on May 25, 2006 @ 08:02 PM):

    Favorite Prince-related memory? Plenty! But one that sticks out in my mind is way back in 1989-90, having Shelia E's band come into a club after hours that me and some friends owned/ran in Salt Lake City of all places (We called it 'Aura Club'), in the basement of this old methodist church building…at that time, no one anywhere had heard of Princes' 'Black Album', just the rumour of it's initial test pressing and pull-out off the market. Well, yours truly got a copy from a mate in Italy and I decided to spin 'Cindy C.' from that record and the band just lit right up and started groovin' to it. I don't remember much else, but it was a neat funky moment. The other memory involves the former Ms. Vanity herself, but I will respect who she is today, suffice to say, we all have pasts, thank God for growing up.

  3. Rina says (on May 26, 2006 @ 06:42 PM):

    Love me some Vanity! Still the most beautiful of Prince's protigees – I always sensed the misogynist aspects of V6 to be tongue in cheek and the girls were in on the joke – if you listen to the lyrics, they were the ones in charge.

    Speaking of Shiela E. – I remember during her first tour, she'd bring a guy on stage from the audience and give him a blowjob, does anyone else remember that? Whether it was real or simulated, she still had her face in his crotch, the pictures in Right On! magazine didn't lie.

  4. Stacy says (on May 27, 2006 @ 12:03 AM):

    Prince related thought…every single time I ever danced to Erotic City. Yes, it was that good every time.

    Curious to see what else is posted up within the next week

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